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Greetings from Gardner, Kansas

I'm at the Johnson County Library right now. It's only 2 blocks from where we set up so I thought I'd come and see what my flist is doing. I'm sorry I haven't updated by phone, with the pay I have been getting of late, I haven't been able to buy minutes for my phone. Hopefully I will get some on Thursday or Friday after I get my check.

Well, it's been pretty....interesting around here to say the least. My job goes pretty smoothly. Aside from other minor annoyances from various people, I get along fine with most around here. I realized that no matter where I go, there will be drama and bullshit. And I deal.

Today I helped wash the ticket box I work in and helped level the trailer. From then on I've just been chillin' out. We open the carnival up at 5 pm so I only have an hour on the computer today. So tommorow I'm coming out here earlier. My other duties include helping everyone wash the trucks, putting up the safety and ticket signs on the rides and making sure every ride has a ticket drop box and a measuring stick.

Last week we worked the Wyandotte County Fair. jgkcmo came and saw me on Thursday night, like the awesome friend he is. :) My folks took me out to breakfast.I was hoping I'd get to go out to my house to get a few things and then go bug Todd at work but no luck, since the folks were low on gas money and time. Oh well.....who knows, maybe I'll convince them and Todd to drive out here. It's only a 30-35 mile drive from KC to Gardner.

Well I guess that's it today. I'll be in Gardner until Sunday Morning so I'll try to come out to the library every morning until Thursday. Friday morning we always do a laundromat run, but I might have Saturday morning off, who knows....OK. Well, I love you all and miss you all and I'll try to update tommorow. *hugssssss*

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Oh My Gosh!

I am thrilled right now....I don't care how many people respond, I'm gonna spread the news anyway!

I'm going to be traveling with a carnival! It's a legit company too!! I'm so excited. I called Todd, I consulted my parents and they're totally cool with it. I basically called the guy and he said that all I need to do is show up in Neosho, Missouri sometime this week. I'm leaving tommorow morning....so I'll definitely be online tonight to talk to folks before I leave. I'll be able to update by phone and call people (I hope) to let people know what's going on because I'm going to be gone until November. (Good God....) I am definitely gonna miss home but I love traveling, I love new oppurtunities....man oh man. This is exciting. I will definitely update and call people whenever I can to update folks. I hope I'll be able to get on the net....would suck if I can't. :( i'll miss my flist!! *huggs*

To everyone that I talk to normally....see you all tonight. I have to start doing laundry and packing.

A nice way to turn 22

Yesterday was good. I got to spend some much needed time with Todd. He's incredibly sweet, I'll tell ya. He made my birthday a special one. I had a pizza hut dinner with my folks before Todd came and picked me up to take me back to his place. We watched Jumper, which was a pretty good movie, I thought. Thrilling, exciting, great plot. And then we watched America's Best Dance Crew. I don't know who is reading this has watched ABDC but I love it. So glad the T&A flaunting crews are gone so they can get down to business. Go Boogie Bots and ASIID! xD ..../end new show obsession rave.

I applied for a volunteer position at a local hospital as well. It's a clerical job, basically copying, scanning, filing, computer stuff, things I either know how to do or could be trained how to do. I have to be interviewed and my application has to be processed....so we'll see what happens. I know I won't get paid but it is something to keep me busy and I want to lend my skills where it's needed someplace.

Still nothing from the department store...it's been almost a month. I'm trying to stay positive but it's a struggle.

Go to your happy place, Des. Breeeeathe. LOL.

Gonna work out now to Fit TV since it's rainy out so I can't go walking. Peace and love to you all.
Went to breakfast with the folks then went fishing yesterday with dad. Caught a baby bass, and that's about all.. Dad didn't catch anything. We were there for about 4 hours, then we went to Red Robin for lunch, then came home. I chatted with KT on the phone for the first time in about 3 months (hope to do that a lot more, talked to the boyfriend and then went to sleep. Soo, not a bad day at all. :)

DUDE. Search and Rescue premiered and I missed it??? EPIC FAIL, srsly. *headdesk*

*heads to the torrent site*

Edit @ 4:50 am: The latest interview with Jason Momoa on Gateworld gives us some good spoilers...and some WTF spoilers....all my SGA flisters read and give me your thoughts about what Jason reveals on page 3 regarding Rodney. http://gateworld.net/interviews/blood_and_tears3.shtml

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It's harder than it looks! Erase my answers, enter yours, and tag

as many people as you like.
*Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...
*They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up!
Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the

same 1st initial.
You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

2) 4 LETTER WORD: Dump
3) VEHICLE: Dumptruck
4) TV SHOW: Dharma and Greg
5) CITY: Dover (Delaware)
6) BOYNAME: Dale
7) GIRL NAME: Delilah
8) OCCUPATION: Door Host
10) FOOD: Donuts
12) REASON FOR BEING LATE: Delayed in traffic
13) SOMETHING YOU SHOUT: Dang it! (or the curse word version of it....bad Des!)



This is the PV (what they call music videos in Japan) to the ending theme of an anime called Wolf's Rain. It's a beautiful, somewhat sad song. I think this song fit in perfectly with the anime(and my life at times...) It was about these wolves that still survived after some kind of war, and they take human forms to hide themselves. In their true form, they are hunted. The wolves team up and go on a journey to Paradise, where they believe all wolves will end up. The series only lasted 30 episodes, but it was fantastic.

A fantastic girl on YouTube has uploaded all the episodes on her channel, here, if you want to check it out: http://youtube.com/user/SilverWolfKitten?ob=1

Random Fun!

Your fate with the Doctor
Your name?
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This one is really fun. I love geography so I jumped at this one.....though I did cheat and did it 3 times to try to get the best score. xD I don't think I can beat this one. And I know a lot of you can beat me. ^^;

Created by OnePlusYou

New default icon: B'elanna Torres from my first fandom obession Star Trek Voyager. (I wish I could quit youuuu) ^__^ Credit goes to lifeistoobrevis.
I found something that I think needs to be passed along, if you haven't passed it along already. If you would take some time and check it out, that would be great.

counteragent's little sister-in-law, Jenny, is very sick. It would be so wonderful if you could take a quick moment (just like 3 minutes) to check out her family's blog (http://jenjensfamily.blogspot.com/) and see if you think you might know anyone like Jenny. They are looking for "comparables" (people who have similar symptoms) that may have had success with treatments Jenny's docs haven't yet tried.

They would also really appreciate it if you post about this on your blog and thus help them spread the word.
I'm just so depressed today....I can't work. I missed the orientation I was supposed to attend, stupid STUPID me, and now I can't work because I have some questions that I need answered and I can't get a hold of anyone!!! I'ts sooo freakin frustrating. I know if I start handing out the flyers and cards, I'll probably make a mistake cause there is this number you're supposed to put on them and they gave me a Representative ID number but the card says to put the refferal number and I don't know if it's the same.....GAAH.

I tried to call the lady that I talked with to get this all set up and she won't return my calls....how in the hell is she supposed to have an answering machine if she doesn't return messages??? Hello!

It makes me feel SLIGHTLY better to get this off my chest but not really.....

Nothing to see here, move along....